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Creating a Custom home

Our services range from completing a single task in the home building stage to an all-inclusive build. We have clients that come to us in various stages of the design and building process. Our specialty is to help take your design idea and conceptualize and enhance it. Sometimes you may not know exactly what you are looking for, but do not worry, our team will help you capture your dream home and present you with different options and design solutions to fit your budget and needs. If you have a set of plans from another qualified designer we can work as a team, bringing the best of our talents to the table.

Quality Home Building

The team at JP Creations will give you our full dedication to help you design and build your dream home, whether it is a traditional style home or a contemporary west coast masterpiece. We provide our customers with experienced trades and professionals to ensure we capture all desires and needs to make our homes stand out from the rest. Our 1 year builder’s warranty will allow you to rest with peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected long after you take possession.

Quality Renovations

Whether it is a custom home or renovation, the same dedication is applied to every project. A home addition or remodel allows you to stay in an existing home and neighborhood with lots of cherished memories, letting the quality time spent together grow. Expanding your existing home or simply updating the style to current trends, JP Creations loves challenges and delivers originality and quality.

Interior Decorating

Sometimes the house or space you are in is the perfect fit for your lifestyle, but is just out dated. Our team can help you redesign your space and make you the talk of the neighborhood. Trends are constantly changing but JP Creations can help you be the trendsetter for years to come, adding value to your property.